We can provide needed customer touches in your company name. Many clients find benefit in a first party approach to their customer accounts. In some cases, it can be cost effective to attempt this approach before taking a strong third-party approach. Pricing varies by intricacy of your needs. Ask your representative for a quote.



If you conduct business outside the United States than our international collections team will be of great value to you.

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We can pursue your debtor account by filing suit on your behalf. We do not recommend or pursue litigation unless we have determined a high probability of a successful outcome.  We are fortunate to be affiliated with a firm, Leviton Law Firm, that has attorneys available to coordinate legal action in any state that you may have need. This is a large benefit to our clients as most collection companies use some type of directory service for attorneys. We use our attorney’s to oversee the process of local attorneys. Ask your representative for upfront costs, which are minimal, and contingency fee associated.



If you are concerned with maintaining rapport with your customer than try one of our soft collection approaches.  There have been times where clients or potential clients are challenged with requesting the monies owed but wanting to maintain that all important business relationship.  We have a specialized group of collectors that are experts of going in to recover monies without straining your relationship with the customer.  Ask you representative for further information.



Through our affiliation with Altus our company has specialized in Collection of Commercial Credit Insurance cases here in the U.S. and Canada.

Our International Claims Team of Attorneys, Collectors, and Investigation Experts are specifically focused on all areas below to assist in the resolution and collection of credit insurance cases.

  • Unprecedented collection recoveries
  • Investigations and onsite visits
  • Indemnification investigation reports
  • Dispute detail and resolution
  • Full and complete investigation reports on debtors and their companies here in the U.S.
  • Piers reports on every waterborne shipment coming into U.S.
  • Bankruptcy Proof of Claim Filings
  • Fraud investigations
  • Litigation