Our Services

Commercial Debt Recovery

How do we maximize your recoveries? Paladin and its affiliate combine deep expertise of our knowledgeable professionals with sophisticated services and cutting edge technologies. 

This makes Paladin the #1 Commercial Collections Firm

Specialty Services

Outside the main functionality of our Commercial Collection expertise, we also provide other services that you may find valuable.

  • Early Intervention – First Party Collection Services
  • International Collections
  • Legal Services
  • Soft Collection Approaches
  • Credit Insurance Claims Collections

Free Aging Analysis

Imagine you had an Aging report that provided critical information on your company’s accounts receivable aging. NOW YOU CAN!Paladin can provide the following and more:

  • Risk factor
  • Collection history
  • Are they in business
  • Length of time an invoice has been outstanding

Paladin will do a free Aging Analysis for you. Contact your representative today for more information.

Customer Search

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Knowledge in advance enables one to be prepared. 

IN A WORLD OF BUSINESS UNCERTAINTY search Paladin’s free debtor database to see if your customer has been placed for collection by any of our clients.

Business Credit Reports

Is your company at risk from an existing customer?

Ask your representative about providing in-depth data and analytics to aid you in making wise business decisions.  Our client feedback is that high-level insight about their potential customers can help you decide to do business with them.

Finance & Risk

Our asset & Liability reports help reduce your risks of loss.  Whatever the purpose you have, being able to research a potential business partnership or current business relationship we can provide at low-cost, high-level insights for you.

Account Receivable Management Consulting

Of course, you are extremely good at your business. We are the #1 commercial collection agency.  We are experts at this portion of your business.  We offer education and training.  We are always available to you to consult with your internal SOP and areas for improvement.



Analyze The Opportunities

You don’t know what opportunity is available until you speak with one of our experts. One example:  There are opportunities where we can help pre-collect with 1st party services; where we provide staff to contact customers once the account is invoiced.  They will identify as your company.