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The Best Team

Dan Duncan

President and CEO

Traci Noffsinger

Director of Client Services and Administration, VP of Business Administration

Daniel Mackay

Business Development Manager

303-696-3900 x1702

Grant Hedlund

Legal Forwarding

Go Very Fast

Timing is everything in the world of collections. There is a window where success is maximized.  Placing sooner is better than to late.

Business Matching

We look to match our firm’s integrity with our clients. We partner with you to recover debt and hold true that the debt is valid.

Growing Your Business

As you grow there is a percentage of receivables that just naturally will need our service. It is just the law of averages.  It is not a bad thing.  It is part of the cost of growing.

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Looking For A Job?

Paladin is always looking for talented sales representatives that exude integrity and character. If you have what it takes to be self-disciplined, open to training, and willing to put forth the effort then we would like to speak with you.