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Third Party Rates

Paladin Commercial Groups, Inc, is proud to provide a contingency fee arrangement with our clients. Our rates are contingent on monies being recovered. If we are unable to collect any money on your account, there is no fee paid by our client. We believe our fees should be earned and that you, our client, should only pay where there is financial benefit back to your company in the form of recovered funds. We do take a fee out of every dollar collected.

There are varying contingent fee structures due to varying aspects of the accounts placed for collection. As a general collection baseline, the standard rates are 33.33 % for an account that is less than one-year delinquent, still in business, has good contact information, has never been placed with an attorney or another collection company. A standard rate applies at 50 % for accounts that are greater than a year old, are out of business but have a personal guaranty, are a skip account (no good contact information), or has been placed with an attorney or collection company prior to PCG’s involvement.

Rate vs. Return – see the difference for yourself.

Preferred Rates

Reduction in contingency fees are applicable based on many variables, however the most common are; collection accounts are placed less than 90 days old, considered a large balance account by industry standards, large volume of placements, or a long successful track record as a client and a loyalty discount is provided (there is a limit to the reduction).

Early Intervention Services

We can provide needed customer touches in your company name. many clients find benefit in a first party approach to their customer accounts. In some cases, it can be cost effective to attempt this approach before taking a strong third-party approach. Pricing varies by intricacy of your needs. Ask your representative for a quote.

Legal Services

We can pursue your debtor account by filing suit on your behalf. We are fortunate to be affiliated with a firm, Leviton Law Firm, that has attorneys available to coordinate legal action in any state that you may need. This is a large benefit to our clients as most collection companies use a directory service. We use our attorneys to oversee the process of local attorneys. Ask your representative for minimal upfront costs and contingency fees associated.

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