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End to End Client Analysis and Collection Services

Business Credit Reports

Is your company at risk from an existing customer?

Ask your representative about providing in-depth data and analytics to aid you in making wise business decisions.  Our client feedback is that high-level insight about their potential customers can help you decide to do business with them.


Commercial Debt Recovery

How do we maximize your recoveries? Paladin and its affiliate combine deep expertise of our knowledgeable professionals with sophisticated services and cutting edge technologies. 

This makes Paladin the #1 Commercial Collections Firm

Customer Search

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Knowledge in advance enables one to be prepared. 

IN A WORLD OF BUSINESS UNCERTAINTY search Paladin’s free debtor database to see if your customer has been placed for collection by any of our clients.

Free Aging Analysis

Imagine you had an Aging report that provided critical information on your company’s accounts receivable aging.

NOW YOU CAN! Paladin can provide the following and more:

  • Risk factor
  • Collection history
  • Are they in business
  • Length of time an invoice has been outstanding

Paladin will do a free Aging Analysis for you. Contact your representative today for more information.

Finance & Risk

Our asset & Liability reports help reduce your risks of loss.  Whatever the purpose you have, being able to research a potential business partnership or current business relationship we can provide at low-cost, high-level insights for you.

Specialty Services

Outside the main functionality of our Commercial Collection expertise, we also provide other services that you may find valuable.

  • Early Intervention – First Party Collection Services
  • International Collections
  • Legal Services
  • Soft Collection Approaches
  • Credit Insurance Claims Collections
Our Story

About Paladin Commercial Group

In 2004 Paladin was established.  In the beginning a business decision was made to build a company infrastructure from the ground floor in lieu of buying an existing collection agency as most do in our industry.  This evoked great pride and responsibility for all facets of taking care of our clients.  Today Paladin still services most of its original client base.  Over time Paladin was recognized as a premier leader in debt recovery.   So much so that Paladin was sought after by many agencies in the industry.  Paladin President and CEO, Dan Duncan, chose not to sell.  In 2018, he decided to make a strategic affiliation with the largest agency.  Today Paladin can harness all the collection resources, licensing & certifications, securities as well as providing ancillary credit services for our clients.  Loyalty and a commitment to excellence for our clients is still the corner stone for Paladin and always will be. 

Success Stories

what we have done through our affiliate partnership
All Time Clients
Serving Clients Since
of what is collected is done within 30 days
$ Collected

Paladin always remembers where we came from.  In our efforts to expand and grow we know the relationship we have with our clients is of the utmost importance.  This drives us to perform above expectations for them

Dan DuncanPresident & CEO Of Paladin Commercial Group

Clients’ Testimonials

  • As a client of Paladin Commercial Group, Inc., I have
    appreciated the expertise, professionalism and results they have provided us.
    I am looking forward to a long successful relationship. I recommend them for all facets of debt recovery.

    John G.
    Collections Manager - DoorDash Inc.
  • “Nothing But Positive Feedback”

    I have recommended other businesses to Paladin who I know are using them and I can assure you that I hear nothing but positive feedback from those companies as well.

    Jacque Cuggino
    Supplies Network
  • “We Use Paladin For All Our Collection Needs”

    Our experience with Paladin has been very positive. We have used several different collection agencies in the past, but since we found Paladin, we use them exclusively for all our collection needs.

    Lacey Ricks
    Premier Performance
  • I have found Paladin to be aggressive, but sensitive to issues that are unique to agricultural business and collections.

    Brian Kennedy
    Centennial Ag Supply Co.

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    Paladin Commercial Group, Inc. became an affiliate of Altus Receivable Management in 2018.  Paladin is solely owned and operated.  Our affiliation allows, for example, SOCII certification, CLLA certifications and global licensing.  We can customize any solution our client may need.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What sets Paladin Commercial Group apart in commercial debt recovery?

    At Paladin Commercial Group, we combine innovative solutions with proven strategies to offer superior commercial debt recovery services. Our team’s expertise ensures maximum recovery rates while maintaining the professionalism and integrity of your business relationships.

    2. How does Paladin Commercial Group support small businesses with debt collection?

    Understanding the unique challenges faced by small businesses, we offer personalized debt collection agency services that prioritize your company’s financial health and customer relations. Our approach is designed to recover your debts efficiently and respectfully.

    3. What is the Paladin approach to business debt collection?

    Our approach to business debt collection is rooted in respect, persistence, and legal expertise. We employ a consultative method, working closely with our clients to understand their needs and customize our collection efforts accordingly.

    4. Can small business debt collection affect my business relationships?

    We believe in ethical debt collection practices that safeguard your business relationships. Our respectful and diplomatic approach aims to preserve the goodwill you’ve built with your clients while effectively recovering owed funds.

    5. Why choose Paladin as your business collection agency?

    Choosing Paladin means partnering with a debt collection company that values your reputation as much as you do. Our transparent methods and consistent communication ensure you’re always informed and confident in our services.

    6. What distinguishes Paladin Commercial Group as a commercial debt collection leader?

    Our leadership in commercial debt collection stems from our extensive experience, innovative recovery solutions, and commitment to delivering results. We’re not just a collection agency; we’re your strategic partner in financial recovery.

    7. How does Paladin ensure effective collection for small businesses?

    We ensure effective collection for small businesses by leveraging tailored strategies that address the specific challenges and needs of smaller enterprises. Our team works diligently to recover your funds while upholding your company’s values.

    8. What is Paladin’s philosophy on business debt recovery?

    Our philosophy on business debt recovery is to approach each case with a balance of assertiveness and understanding. We recognize the importance of your financial stability and strive to recover debts with the utmost professionalism.

    9. How does Paladin handle business-to-business debt collection?

    Business to business debt collection at Paladin involves a strategic blend of negotiation, mediation, and, if necessary, legal action. We focus on achieving amicable resolutions that respect the business relationships and contracts involved.