Finance & Risk


Through our value-added affiliation with Altus we are able to provide you this report at a fraction of the cost normally charged to companies. 


Reduce your risk when creating partnerships

Researching a potential partnership, M&A, joint venture or strategic investment? In-depth data Background Reports can help.


Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures involve financial risk. Management teams and business leaders must evaluate these risks along with the risk of the new team.

Altus eliminates this risk by safeguarding the transaction with our in-depth criminal, litigation, regulatory and employment background research on your subject. It is our intent to uncover any major reputational red flags that could derail your investment.

By providing high-level insights about your potential partnership, Altus’s reports can help you decide whether to do business with them.

For more information or the specifics of the detail in the report, please contact your Paladin representative via email or fill out this contact form.