Free Aging Analysis

If you have ever thought, why is our customer delinquent, then our report is for you.  Maybe you wondered if your customer was still in business.  Then our report is for you. 


Your aging detail is a critical management tool you use to make decisions daily. How you make those decisions impacts your company’s financial strength.  Allow Paladin to design acustomized analysis reportfor you which will provide an early detection of companies we know to be having financial problems or that may be professional debtors. 


The benefit to you:

  • Free of charge with a quick turnaround time for information
  • Identify companies that have been recently inquired about or have been placed for collection
  • Identify trends of potential company downfalls, potential bankruptcy risks, and aid in decision making pertaining to placing for collection
  • Education for future new account set up – pre-check through our Customer Profile Search


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A call to action!  Your experience representative can also suggest the following:

  • Our review and recommendation of your in-house collection processes
  • Verification of debtors stall tactics and reasons for avoiding payment
  • Free demand letter campaigns
  • Recommendation on when to place for collection


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