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Paladin Commercial Debt Collection Recovery Group we provide the solution for asset management

Strategic Approach


We believe in customizing approaches specifically for your specific situation.  To do this requires vast experience in all industries.  It takes organizing dedicated groups of collection professionals to execute objectives.  You cannot get this experience overnight.  Fortunately, you don’t have to.  

Paladin’s own leadership has several decades of experience in the collection field.  Our highly experienced Client Service Representatives can work through your situation with you to determine a plan of attack.  By learning your business, the in-house steps you take, and the desired outcome you are looking for, we can implement a strategic approach for you.  Here are just a few of the areas we work through with you.

  • Do you need a 1st party solution
  • Do you need an email and letter campaign only
  • Do you need a soft initial collection approach
  • Do you need 3rd party collection solution
  • How about an investigative approach with boots on the ground?
  • Legal recommendations

We can break down approaches in all areas to provide you superior results.  You have made the choice to recover your past due steps.  Make the choice to use the best, Paladin Commercial Group.

Professional Personnel

#1 Agency in Commercial Collections!

Our collection teams and departments are made up of the best professionals in the industry.  We only recruit, train and employ those that have significant experience in commercial debt recovery.  Our professionals earn top incomes because of their ability to produce.  All have experience collecting from C-Level executives and all sizes of businesses.

The caliber of collector is vital to a successful recovery of monies owed to you.  You need a reputable firm to have your best interests at the forefront.  You do not want someone who simply goes in guns blazing to try to collect your money.  That is why we have compliance in place to ensure all our collectors always maintain professionalism.  This is an added benefit to you as protection from frivolous litigation.  Through our affiliate, Altus, we are fully licensed in all states that require it.  Not many agencies can claim this.    

Investigative Approach

To support our position that to be forewarned is to be forearmed, there are times when more information is needed.  When needed, our collection teams utilize the services of professional outside field investigators to make face to face contact with your debtors.  These investigators are licensed, bonded, and insured.  They are professionals at what they do.  Through this approach we obtain vital information for collection purposes, identify assets, and most importantly create the urgency to get our client’s their money back.

This investigative approach, combined with our asset & liability reports, separates Paladin from the competition.  The strategic purpose of this approach is to provide our collectors additional information about a debtor’s ability to pay and to create urgency. Our approach fits all sectors of business-to-business debt recovery needs. 

Upon completion of any field investigation, we can provide you a copy of the report submitted to our collection team.  Ask your representative today for a sample report of one of our field investigations. 

Advanced Technology

One of the key reasons we entered a strategic affiliation with Altus in 2018 was to operate together on what can only be described as Best-in-Class Commercial Collections Technology.What else would you expect from a #1 commercial collections firm but the top-rated systems and operating systems.  

Our proprietary operating platform automates debt collection and accelerates cash flow:

One of the most popular features with clients are the advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, as well as our easy-to-use Customer Portal that makes our process completely transparent to you. This portal allows you 24×7 access from anywhere, including mobile devices. All client data is encrypted and protected, and disaster recovery is part of the solution. You can process electronic payments, debit, credit and ACH right from the portal and view activity, including calls and emails. At the heart of our state-of-the-art technology is our exclusive, customer-focused commercial collections platform.

This platform is built in partnership with Salesforce.com — the world’s #1 cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software provider — this automates and accelerates key functions of debt collection, eliminating delays and pain points.

The results for you: lower costs and faster cash flow at every level.

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Our Success

Paladin Commercial Group, Inc. (“Paladin”) is the strategic debt collection expert in the world. We found a way to bridge the chasm of the benefits between a smaller agencies attention to details and a larger agencies systems and functional superiority.

In 2018, Paladin formed an affiliation alliance with the largest agency in the United States, Altus Receivable Management  (“ARM”). Paladin was already widely recognized for generating unparalleled collection results which was driven by precise customized collection strategies, talented collection personal, the collection experience of the executive team as well as superior sales personnel that educated clients on best practices as it pertains to bad debt. Ultimately Paladin was repeatedly requested by its clientele to continue pursuing additional ancillary services: credit reporting, early intervention programs, improved collection reporting and upgraded back office capabilities. Paladin has delivered on those requests. 

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