Rapid Recovery. Proven Results.

Paladin outperforms its competition by creating urgency early in the debt collection cycle. Because we do, you can have confidence that we will return more monies back you.


Our Approach

Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law. Romans 13:8 NIV version.


Cost vs. Reward

Have you considered the amount of sales you will have to increase just to recoup what you lose in a bad debt?  Recovering most of your money not only aids your bottom line, it ensures future sales will equal future profits.


Online Placements

Manage your accounts with our web-based placement system.  You can add, update & review your placements right from your computer.  Call us for more information.


Welcome to Paladin Commercial Group, Inc.

We invite you to explore our philosophies, approaches and services.  We believe if you are observing our website then you have already made the decision to look for something different.  We believe we are the answer.

We have created our website in the effort to offer you a different look from all of the mundane agencies out there who continue to display the same business people shaking hands or sitting with headsets at the desk.  Yes, we are like most business people and we have observed our opposition, the ‘Big Boys’.

What we have seen has guided us to remember and value that we will treat each of our clients as though they alone are our only client!  We have no desire to become such a large conglomerate that we forget what has made us successful.


Our goal is to provide professional debt recovery service to the commercial sector.  We will aspire to be proficient, as well as expeditious, in all aspects of our operation.  To meet and exceed the clients work standards with the emphasis to provide a greater yield.